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A toast to the birth of prohibition


A toast to the birth of prohibition

A toast to the birth of prohibition

Cocktail creation connoisseurs celebrate bootlegger’s day with an open house party in Phnom Penh in honour of their namesake.

Prohibition of alcohol in the USA kicked in on the 17th of January 1920, but the demand for booze remained high nevertheless. Under the command of famed bootlegger Bill McCoy, the Tomoka sailed into New Jersey with smuggled rum from the Bahamas to craftily supply to revellers of the roaring 20s. One hundred years later, the Tomoka Cocktail Company is ironically celebrating the start of the alcohol ban with a “bootlegger’s day” party from 6pm until 1am at their home on Street 75.

McCoy was famed for selling pure, clean liquor, to which Tomoka will pay homage with an inspired cocktail menu capturing the unadulterated zest of this alcoholic zeitgeist.

And don’t worry, this celebration isn’t unlawful – so fill your boots and enter the weekend in style.

Friday, 17th January, 6pm-1am, Tomoka Cocktail Company, Street 75

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