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A Guide to Swimming Pools in Phnom Penh: Splish Splash Splosh

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A Guide to Swimming Pools in Phnom Penh: Splish Splash Splosh

Phnom Penh is filled with swimming pools, you just need to know where to find them. We’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite swimming pools across the city

It’s so hot. All. The. Time, So naturally, you’re going to want to cool off.

Phnom Penh is filled with swimming pools, you just need to know where to find them. Luckily, that’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best pools in Phnom Penh most of which are free to use as long as you’re buying some drinks or food at the bar.

Last update: September 14th, 2017.


Eighty8 Backpackers

Based on street 88, near Wat Phnom, this hostel is ideal for a short jaunt to Central market or various riverside haunts. They’ve been focusing on creating a really ambient, chilled out vibe around the pool and bar area; Recently they’ve introduced tailored work out sessions and delicious promotional cocktails to cool you back down after pumping you up. The pool is fairly small when the volley ball net is up, which can be quite often – but it makes for a fun pastime as it’s not really a pool for doing lengths. It’s a great place to chill with cocktail.
Street 88, Phnom Penh



More exclusive, Billabong is strictly hotel guests only, making it a very relaxing atmosphere most days. Their pool is a great size for a city centre hostel, making it easy to see why they’re a great choice for backpackers. It’s in a very handy location for the party-goers too, with Pontoon and MadHouse a few corners away.
no.5, 158 Oknha Truong Cang St. (158)


Mad Monkey

The Mad Monkey brand is known throughout Southeast Asia as a party people hostel, with the Phnom Penh hostel proudly upholding that reputation. Spread across two sites on the one street, you can find free punch and nightly walks to the local nightclub hotspot, Club Love. The pool is small, granted, perhaps a third of the size of their Kampot pool – however it’s more about grabbing a cocktail from the bar, and gathering round the pool for a quick dip and a mingle with the like-minded travellers.
Even if you’re staying elsewhere, they welcome you to buy a few drinks and chill at their pool – the social aspect of their brand holds a great reputation.
#26 Street 302, BKK1
mad monkey.jpg

Luxury hotels


Top Tip Alert! Whilst this luxury hotel might usually charge you a cover fee to use their pool if you’re not a guest, you can usually gain free entry by attending their monthly pool parties with Heineken. Typically these are the first Sunday of each month, and get advertised through theirFacebook  page.
313 Sisowath Quay, Daun Penh, Chakto Mukh


Hotel Le Royal 

Luxury. A huge pool fit for royalty. Also, the restaurant (Raffles) is outstanding, with lots of high profile events to celebrate various culinary master-crafts.  It’s nestled in a part of the city rich with history, in the golden age all sorts of stars would be passing through the doors of the hotel.
92 Rukhak Vithei Daun Penh, Sangkat Wat Phnom



If you really want to splash out, spend a little more and you’re able to use the pool at Sofitel for the day. Long, long, lengths in a glamorous location make this one of our top tips for those looking to enjoy a swim for fitness reasons rather than simply to cool down and make some waves.
26 Old August Site, Sothearos Boulevard


Rooftop Pools

Lumiere Hotel

Whilst this strictly isn’t a pool, we felt the need to include it anyway. There’s a collection of rooftop Jacuzzis, and this tall, illuminated hotel in bkk2 offers great views across the Urban jungle of Phnom Penh.
228 & 55 Samdech Mongkol Iem St. 


Dinaley Apartments

Dinaley apartment are located behind Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, in the heart of BKK2. All over the city, new western developments are popping up boasting Rooftop pools and private gyms – but if you haven’t snagged one yet, don’t worry! You can use this one for free (as long as you buy something to eat or drink, coffees start at $1.70, which is very reasonable for a swim and drink).
No. 350,, 71 Pasteur St. (51), Phnom Penh


Diamond Palace Resort & Sky Bar

Now this is what it’s all about, have a dip in a nice pool. Grab an ice cold beer, and catch your breath as you look out across the skyline of Phnom Penh.  Spend an afternoon here and you’ll be undoubtedly keen to return.
No. 3, Off Street 310


Our favourites

Tropical Lounge (Prasats)

A short walk from BKK Market, this really felt like a hidden gem. From moments of rushed urban madness, to suddenly walking into this oasis with a fair sized pool and relaxed atmosphere – we became joyous. There were generous lunch portions and some recently tweaked, fantastic, cocktails on offer at buy one get one free ($5).
Street 400 #13, BKK1

tropical lounge.jpg

The 252

Guess where this one is. That’s right, on Street 252. A nice sized pool to do some quick lengths, bordered with shaded booths to laze back and let time fly back in paradise.  We almost walked right past here the first time, due to the name plaque essentially just looking like a normal home’s address. Yet once the gate is pulled back, the scenic pool is revealed and you feel like you could be lazing at the side of any luxury tropical location in the world.
Street 252 #11,



Nestled on the popular street 278, Tusk has recently celebrated it’s first birthday with a refurbishment (Open from 8th September 2017). With the tagline of ‘experience the elegant chaos of Cambodia’, it teases out the harmony they achieve between wild parties and super chilled out poolside cocktail vibes.
278 street #2, BKK1


Got a top tip for a fantastic pool in Phnom Penh? We’d love to hear it!
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