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A helping hand for romance


A helping hand for romance

Penh Lenh gives Lads a helping hand with their Valentine’s shopping

Penh Lenh have decided to make Valentine’s Day super easy for the lads. On Wednesday 12th of February, they’ll host a ‘Guys Night’ from 4pm until 9pm.

Luring the lads in with beer and pizza is the start, a perfect de-stress from picking out the perfect present. There will also be 30% off all products, and complimentary gift wrapping is included.

Couldn’t be easier, could it?

Penh Lenh, meaning “whole”, is on a simple, yet bold mission to empower margenilized and at-risk young women in Cambodia to pursue their life goals through quality education, vocational training, and advanced career opportunities.

Founded by Rachel Dodson in 2013, Penh Lenh is based in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh. We believe through designing bold, colorful, and unique pieces – we are actually creating a platform for so much more. You see, for us, everyday is an opportunity to educate, empower and impact not only our staff but the community around us.

Our jewels are handcrafted here in Cambodia by our artisans and each piece represent the strength and beauty of the women creating them. 100% of our product sales are reinvested in the social mission of Penh Lenh.

Wednesday 12th February, 4pm – 7pm, Penh Lenh, Street 456, TTP

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