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A tidal wave of Stone Head craft beer


A tidal wave of Stone Head craft beer

Beer, glorious beer. There’s a new kid on the block sweeping it’s way across Phnom Penh and onto the menus of increasing numbers of bars and restaurants.

Introducing: Stone Head Cambodia.

Former in 2016, Stone Head is by no means an overnight success story, yet their recent sales drive has really started putting them on our boozy radar. Originally Stone Head Cambodia wasn’t actually aimed at providing to the Cambodian market as it had suffered at the hands of strict Thai brewing laws, making the decision to set up in Koh Kong a purely logistical necessity.

“Stone Head Group founded by a young generation of beer lovers on a mission pursue their dreams of developing locally crafted beer representative of Thailand. Our brand name, Stone Head came from the Thai word “Hua Khang”; which translated into English means, “Stubborn”. Stone Head’s founders are known for their stubbornness which goes alongside our sense of pride which together drive us to develop the best product we can.”
– The Stone Head website gives us a little glimpse into the roots of their journey.

We’re delighted to see their head has turned East, and Phnom Penh is starting to feel the benefit as their array of exciting beers pop up in various nightlife hot spots. The Brewery produces ten different products and has championed four of them for the Cambodian market, although this could very well increase over the coming months.


Gancore IPA (5.5%), Hazelnut Chocolate Stout (5.9%, medium bodied stout), Smiling Evil Pale Ale (6.0% American styled pale, using New Zealand hops), and Tuk Tuk Cream Ale (4,9% mixing lager and ale styles) are now available for us to enjoy.

Where can you get them?

The Stone Head Cambodia team are very active at the moment, so expect our list to quickly expire as many more venues get on board. That being said, let’s pop the cap on the bottle and give you some recommendations:

The Exchange, Street 47

The Box Office, Street 244,

Boston Pizza & Bar, Street 278,

Burgershack, Street 51,

Embargo, Street 51,

5 Drunk Men (as of June 15th), Sisowath Quay,

Bar 21 (as of June 20th), Street 21,

Alchemy (launch TBC), Street 123,

ElevenOne (launch TBC), Streets 334 & 460,

Pallet Beer & Wine (launch TBC), Stret 410,

FizZ (launch TBC), Street 155

Java Creative Café(s) (launch TBC), Streets 468, 337 & 309.

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