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Allez les Bleus! C’est Bastille Day.


Allez les Bleus! C’est Bastille Day.

Yes, we appreciate the irony of celebrating French freedom in a country it once colonised. But the cheese is just so damn good.

For the French, nothing will rival this time last year: Bastille day falls on the 14th of July and the World Cup Final followed on the 15th, with France’s famous 4-2 victory over Croatia.

Regardless, there will no doubt be plenty of celebrating in the city this year, too.

Leading the vanguard is the glamorous Sofitel Hotel, which plans a luxury brunch buffet at its La Coupole restaurant, including swimming pool access. You can upgrade the extravagance with unlimited (French) wine and champagne, or go the whole way and opt for premium Taittinger Rosé. (Again, the irony of celebrating the success of the French Revolution with a banquet fit for Marie Antoinette is not lost on us)

BrunchSofitel2019-02-07Whats-On-Phnom-Penh.jpgWhat to expect? Think French classics prepared to perfection: Mussels Mariniere, cheese plates, cold cuts [of meat], “Pot au Feu”, chocolate mousse, mille-feuille, crème brûlée, éclairs… essentially your quintessential culinary taste journey through the heart of French culture.

11.30am – 2.30pm, $59 brunch + swimming pool access, $89 to include Champagne, red and white wine, $109 to include Rosé Champagne, La Coupole, Sofitel Hotel, Sothearos Blvd

P.S. Know of other venues that are tipping their imaginative berets to the date? Let us know and we’ll happily update this article with more potential plans as we discover them!

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