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Bored? Try a board instead.

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Bored? Try a board instead.

Get away from your phone screen, put down your controller – it’s time for some good old fashioned gaming with cards, dice and little pointy cone counters.

It’s time to roll the dice and try your luck at a classic non-virtual pastime. ‘Board Game Session’ encourages folk from all backgrounds to meet up and enjoy ‘friendly competition’ through the social engagement of board games.

There will be many experienced gurus of the games onsite to explain the rules, the tactics, and ways to avoid wanting to flip the board in frustration. Whilst many games will be provided, you’re also encouraged to bring your own to share with the community (and give yourself that advantage of experience).

Registering for the event is free, and can be done via the following link:


Previously we saw the Puzzle Chamber become ‘The Happy Damrei’, giving Phnom Penh it’s very own board game café – over on Street 174 –  but if you’re playing your cluedo cards too soon you’d be wrong to turn up there.

It was Factory Phnom Penh… with the Board Games… on a Saturday! Professor Plum is innocent! 

Saturday 6th July, 2pm – 4pm, Ws1 by Factory Phnom Penh, National Road 2. 

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