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Celebrate a Shawshank Redemption milestone at the Flicks


Celebrate a Shawshank Redemption milestone at the Flicks

Celebrate a Shawshank Redemption milestone at the Flicks

On Monday the 23rd of September in 1994, The Shawshank Redemption was released – for the 25th anniversary it’ll be shown at The Flicks at 8pm. 

Nominated for seven Academy Awards in 1995 and two Golden Globe Awards, this movie went on to become a piece of unmissable cinematic history.

As always, entry to The Flicks is $4 for the day, allowing you access to multiple other movie showings throughout the day. Whilst the full schedule for the 23rd is yet to be released, the below image shows the current films on rotation to give you an idea of timings:


Can you imagine the combination of Detective Pikachu and Andy Dufresne on the same day? Dreamy.

The movie room at The Flicks is fully air conditioned and there’s a bar in the lobby boasting that they have the best popcorn in town. Note that $100 bills are not accepted, nor are bank cards and you’ll be ejected for talking/texting on your phone if you’re disturbing other guests.

The Flicks also houses over half a thousand books from the Phnom Penh Book Exchange; swaps of original, English (preferably) fiction books are welcomed. Local social enterprises Suck On ThatCoco Khmer and Bumblebee Soap have products available for purchase there, too.

Monday, 23rd September, 8pm, $4, The Flicks, Street 95, Toul Sleng Area



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