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Don’t Miss: Marco Vezzoso @ the Jazz Club

Don’t Miss: Marco Vezzoso @ the Jazz Club

Jazz trumpet player Marco Vezzoso kicks off his Southeast Asian tour at The Jazz Club, Phnom Penh.

Jazz trumpet player Marco Vezzoso kicked off his Southeast Asian tour with an incredible opening weekend at the Jazz Club – and you have three more chances to catch him live.

Marco’s unique style combines classical and jazz influences with strands of pop, Arabic and World Music, and a sprinkling of Broadway-era flair. On this tour, which will also take him to Indonesia and Japan, he plays original compositions from his forthcoming album, as well as creative improvisations.


The Quartet

Marco is joined by Alessendro Collina on Piano, Toma Willem on Drums and Seb Adnot on Contrebasse.

As Jazz Club co-owner Nono says:

“They’ve created this beautiful alchemy and an instantly beautiful story. That’s what’s so interesting about this… firstly, the music level is super good, and secondly, you can sense a fraternity, a complicity between the musicians. That is what the people will sense and appreciate tonight.”

This is something truly special, guys. With just a few days to go until Marco leaves Cambodia, don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to catch world class jazz, right here in Phnom Penh.


Marco Vezzoso plays at 9pm every night from Friday 19th until Wednesday 23rd August @ The Jazz Club, St 282, BKK1.

Tickets cost $10 on Friday and Saturday (with a free drink), $5 on Monday… and are FREE on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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