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Festival of the Dead at Meta House

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Festival of the Dead at Meta House

Festival of the Dead at Meta House

With Pchum Ben beginning on Friday 29th, Meta House are hosting a special September Ritual on Wednesday 25th from 6pm until Midnight.

This ‘Festival of the Dead’ is a multimedia event that combines video art, tribal DJ beats and a mixture of Cambodian and foreign poetry.

If the eerie picture from their Facebook (as shared as this post cover photo) is anything to go by, then we’re expecting to be thoroughly spooked at this creative congregation!

Following this event, Meta House will close for the holidays until 1st October.

Now at their third location, Meta House 3.0 can be found across from the National Museum Café.

Wednesday, 25th September, 6pm–midnight, Meta House 3.0, Street 178

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