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The Sun Sets on Cloud’s Hip Hop Takeover

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The Sun Sets on Cloud’s Hip Hop Takeover

The Sun Sets on Cloud’s Hip Hop Takeover

It’s the end of an era for another Hip Hop legend. This time not a rap god, but a Phnom Penh regular event…

Oh the humanity, it’s a calamity, a modern-day tragedy, an… er… overweight… matinee… 

Fortunately it’s not my rapping prowess* on the podium for this climatic finish of a three year Hip Hop congregation. Cloud has hosted no less than 21 Hip Hop Takeovers (HHTO) with their final edition due to celebrate the many explosive nights throughout their history.

I can say “Dead in the middle of little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle men who didn’t do diddily” pretty fast though…

The exact lineup will be revealed over the coming days, but everyone is encouraged to hit the stage to get involved with a big jam session that’ll feature various performers from the HHTO back catalogue of events.

It’s a pretty impressive roster of Phnom Penh hip hop figures. May’s Open Mic special featured DJ Niko Yu, April’s saw Beatmakers Skud (Fr), Larry Zinc (Kh) and Sean Patrick (US) and Rappers Monyroum (Fr/Kh), El Monreo (Cuba) and Premo Sounds (US) creating a new song live. Back in March, the 19th featured DJ KCL (DMC Denmark Champion 2013) and Initial Dynamo from the hood of the Hypnotic Fist Technique.

The next, and final HHTO will no doubt be a pretty special sendoff. Don’t miss out.

Saturday 19th July, 9pm – 3am, Cloud, Street 9 

Glaswegian burger aficionado.

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