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Forbidden Love: Death of St Valentine’s at Elbow Room

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Forbidden Love: Death of St Valentine’s at Elbow Room

What could be more romantic this V-Day than celebrating an infamous martyr to love?

Valentine’s Day: just a load of commercialised nonsense to make you buy flowers, right? Well, not if you look right back to its beginnings – the life and death of St. Valentine.

st valentine

The Story

If you don’t know your history, let us fill you in. The original Latin lover, St. Valentine was tortured and killed by Emperor Claudius for defying royal orders and conducting marriages for young couples in love.

Claudius banned the practice of marriage in 270 AD to stop his soldiers from getting distracted, but Valentine was willing to give his life for the cause of true love… and that’s the inspiration for Elbow Room’s Valentine’s Day bash.

Elbow Room Interi

The Cocktails

The talented team at Elbow Room have whipped up three romantic creations to commemorate the historic sacrifice of this patron saint:

From Your Valentine ($5)

Raspberry and ginger syrups combine beautifully to form a spicy but sweet, Latin-lover kick. This, together with Bourbon Whisky and fresh lemon, will ignite your taste buds, while the striking colour screams red hot passion.

Claudius the Cruel ($6)

One for the haters: this one is a carefully crafted White Negroni, but with all the blood sucked out of the well-known classic in memory of the heartless Emperor Claudius.

Death in the Elbow Room ($7)

Medicine in a bottle… but can it cure heartbreak? A locally inspired twist on the legendary hangover cure of famed serial romantic, Ernest Hemingway.
… Plus, an extensive menu of crafted cocktails you’ve come to know and love will be on offer, so you can can drink away to your heart’s content.

Death of St. Valentine’s, 6pm – 2am, 14th February @ Elbow Room, St 308 / Corner of Bassac Lane 


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