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Frazer Vs Burger: Bushtucker @ Fatboy’s

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Frazer Vs Burger: Bushtucker @ Fatboy’s

Tucking into this Australasian inspired combination, Frazer takes on another Fatboy’s burger.

Hailing from a city consumed by gourmet burger chains, I’ve grown accustomed to craving pimped-up patties.  In this series, I hit the streets of Phnom Penh to sniff out the very best burgers on offer.

Beef chuck patty, chewy bacon, melted Swiss cheese, beets, topped with wild arugula and garlic aioli on a whole meal bun. Homemade burger using Chilled Australian chuck tender
$2.95 + Free coke – 2 year anniversary celebration price.

The Burger Joint

Fatboy’s in BBK1 (Street 51, just after the crossing with 294) caught my eye with it’s bold, cartoonish branding. Being a sucker for good marketing, I ventured inside to if it lived up to the hype.


The Burger

Returning to the home of the first ever Frazer Vs Burger, this time I opted for a more conventional burger combination.

Well, more conventional than banana and peanut butter. You can read about that one here: Frazer vs Burger: The Elvis @ Fatboy’s

The Bushtucker lept out the menu at me as the beetroot and garlic aioli toppings seemed a rarity. I’ll admit I overlooked the burger bun being wholemeal, but that usually fools my taste-buds into thinking the burger is more nutritious and delicious than likely.

On the Side

As part of the 2 year anniversary offer, the burgers have been dropped in price and a complimentary coca-cola is given too.

My hunger could only justify the burger on this occasion, so chose not to fill up with any additions.  However, it is worth mentioning they run a 2 for 1 Happy Hour offer on Tiger draft beer in the evenings.


First Impressions

After my initial disappointment at the bun, my first mouthful convinced me that there was a good reason for the wholemeal decision. Being the healthier of buns available, the hearty feel-good taste suited the combination well.

The beetroot and rocket paired to equally healthy flavourings, with the delightful twang of Swiss cheese interrupted by welcomed bacon bits. Truth be told, I’d never heard of  ‘Wild Arugula’ before so may have just made the sweeping assumption that it was rocket – and despite currently reading google debates on the difference, I’m sticking to saying it tastes like rocket. It worked well.

The burger itself was pleasantly meaty, perhaps the best patty for that price range.

The Verdict

I’d eat this again. A lot. I’ve gotten so hungry again just from typing about it. I’d give the bushtucker 8.7/10 –  The low price is bizarrely fantastic. There may not be sides, but there are cheap enough options to add these if you wish. What I loved about it, was it had a clearly distinct, stand-out taste that separate this option from other burger joints.

The other available burgers in Fat Boy’s are also packed full of quirks and personality that make choosing a difficult decision for adventurous eaters. If I had to choose just one burger restaurant to be my go-to, Fat Boy’s could just be pushing for that spot at the moment.

Fatboys, Street 57, BKK1

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