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Frazer Vs Burger: Dos Besos Mexicali Burger

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Frazer Vs Burger: Dos Besos Mexicali Burger

Frazer Vs Burger returns – Taking on the Mexicali burger at Dos Besos. Is it good enough to steer you away from the burritos?

Dos Besos – Mexicali Burger
100% imported beef, melted cheese, fire-roasted green chili, grilled onion & chipotle ranch sauce, served with wedge cut fries.

Hailing from a city consumed by gourmet burger chains, I’ve grown accustomed to craving pimped-up patties.  In this series, I hit the streets of Phnom Penh to sniff out the very best burgers on offer.

The Burger Joint

Back in the hipster quarter near Russian market, Dos Bestos is nestled on #33 Street 123, at the corner of street 454. With a chilled, basic décor, this Mexican canteen offers up a varied menu – including one special burger. Bonus points for the excellent condiments selection on all the tables and the slushie machines filled with frozen margaritas.


The Burger

With only one burger on offer here, I wasn’t sure how high to place my expectations. Mexico and burgers aren’t exactly a well known match made in heaven – yet the combo of flavours in the description sounded like an absolute delightful taste cocktail. Nervous for an overflowing heap of chilli topping the burger, I took the plunge and ordered it – with the thankful realisation they had no intention of drowning the burger in chilli after all.

On the Side

Accompanying this mexican beast, were a portion of potato wedges. These had a decent seasoning to them, with a nice crispy coating complimenting the burger. Of course, due to the huge starter, I failed to really appreciate the quality of these and may have to repay a visit here again to see if the quality is consistent.


First Impressions

Ok, so first off I’ll start with a confession. I had a deadly hangover, and we’d spotted an awesome portion of Nachos on the menu to get us started. However, this XXL portion of smothered nachos was enough to leave three of us feeling pretty defeated before our mains had come within a whiff of our table. However, with only one burger on the menu, I quickly set my sights on trying the Mexicali burger. Living up to the fantastic quality of our sharing nachos, I delighted at how stacked and juicy this creation was. The top was heavily coated in ranch sauce and melted cheese, giving a strong yet delicious taste to the burger with every bite. The fire-roasted green chili was extremely slight, however for spice lovers the array of hot sauces on each table can give you that extra kick (I’d recommend the green habenero sauce). The beef was perfectly tender and melted in the mouth, with a generous sized meaty patty.

The Verdict

Perhaps the stars aligned, perhaps my hungover neediness played a factor- but this was a real treat, and I’d go as far to say as the best burger I’ve tried so far in Phnom Penh.  I’d give the Mexicana Burger 9/10 –  For a restaurant not focusing at all on burgers, they’ve really nailed an absolute delight and undoubtedly a dish I’ll revisit many a time. Dare to ignore the awesome portion sizes of the burritos and indulge in their burger, you won’t regret it.

33 Street 123, Tuol Tum Poung

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