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If it’s all-you-can-eat is that really Mini?


If it’s all-you-can-eat is that really Mini?

Despite being billed as a Mini Food Fest, we’d argue the unlimited buffet of 12 dishes is going to be a Huge feast rather than a mini one.

Phnom Penh is no stranger to extravagant bottomless brunches. Unfortunately for most, these often come with a price-tag suited for bottomless wallets. But this week, Mini Banana is offering a banquet fit for Kings and Queens without the royal price tag.

The Mini Food Festival is popping up in Mini Banana, making us wonder if the Top Food Festival is going to be a thing. (You know, at Top Banana…)


The event artwork is just delightful! Hats off to the designer!

What can we expect at the Mini Food Fest?

There are 12 dishes on offer and it’s all you can eat! The buffet will consist of a mixture of Khmer and other Asian dishes such as chicken curry, spring rolls, Tom Yam, and beyond.

Now, we wouldn’t have waffled on about the epicurean alternatives if it wasn’t for the sweetest detail. It’s only $5. Five. Dollars. Show up hungry and you’ll enjoy a brilliant deal.  The event comes paired with happy hour from 4pm* until 7pm and Live DJs performing.

*Note that the food isn’t due to start until 6pm, so if you’re early for the booze, then you won’t be lining your stomach for a little while.

6pm til late, Friday 5th July @ Mini Banana Guesthouse, St 51

Glaswegian burger aficionado.

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