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Ink Fest Volume 1 at Futures Factory

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Ink Fest Volume 1 at Futures Factory

This Saturday (31st of August), Futures Factory are excited to announce their first ‘Ink Festival’, celebrating the world of tattoo art from 10am to 10pm. Offering both permanent and temporary tattoos at this family friendly event, Ink Fest makes its mark as the first festival of its kind in Phnom Penh.

Karu, Slam, Khai, Tongen, Manfred, Jash and Guru Chumno plus 5 others from the Federation Khmer Sakyant have been announced as the seven tattoo artists to take part at Ink Fest, offering flash tattoo pieces. Tattoos will be organised on a first come, first served basis and people are invited to contact artists in advance if they have any specific requests they wish to discuss.

Guru Ink Fest.jpg

Henna tattoos will also be available for any ink commit-a-phobes. To further pad out the event, there’s a range of live music performances, Eileen’s House of Tarot, a kids playground, plus beauty, nail and barber workshops. Next to the usual Makers Market will be an exclusive range of curated pop up stalls as follows:

  • Trunkh
  • Dorsu
  • Ginger & Grace
  • Ket Monnyreak
  • Make it!
  • Angkor bullet
  • Lolaola
  • Good Krama
  • Skyleros

All tattoo and henna artists will be donating a portion of their profits to Mith Samlanh/ Friends-International.

“Mith Samlanh aims is to ensure the sustainable social reintegration of marginalised children and youth, into their families, education and training and their communities so that they become an active and productive citizen of their country.”

“Friends-International works with marginalised urban children and youth, their families and communities, to help them become independent and productive citizens of their country.”

As usual, there’s a quality range of food and drink available via Futures Factory residents Friends the Restaurant, ញ៉ាំ ញ៉ាំ – Let’s Eat Phnom Penh, Java Creative Café and Friends ‘N’ Stuff. Indy House (TTP) will be taking over the BBQ from midday until 9pm.

Speaking to communications manager JiHye Kim, we’re delighted to announce the entertainment line up for the event:

  • Nov Dana
  • DJ Pitch
  • Mindfame
  • Haus of Fendii
  • L-N

The official Ink Fest event has released the following Q&A image:

Ink Fest Q&A.jpg

Saturday 31st August, 10am – 10pm, Futures Factory, Street 13, Sangkat Chey Chumneas Khan Daun Penh

Glaswegian burger aficionado.

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