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Jouvence Spas Provide the Perfect Pampering Experience

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Jouvence Spas Provide the Perfect Pampering Experience

Jouvence Spas Provide the Perfect Pampering Experience

With these enticing prices, every day can be a spa day.

When I first heard the words “hot stone” and “massage” together, I admit I felt a little apprehensive. Walking over hot coals is, after all, an endurance activity. But in the hands of the masseuse at Jouvence Spa, there’s certainly nothing painful about this experience. Quite the opposite: it’s delightful.

Stones, smooth as if recently plucked from a natural spring river, are heated to a warm/high temperature and then held in the palm of the therapist as she runs long circular strokes across the muscles. You don’t sense the heat of the stones at first. It’s the air touching the skin after the stone has moved past which brings a cooling sensation – that’s the first felt sensation – so it’s the combination of warmer and cooler temperatures working together that provide the euphoric relaxation. That, of course, in combination with the slight pressure of the flat stone rubbing into muscles. 

“Body scrub” is another term that may throw off some who have never heard of it before, conjuring an image of a rough motion instead of what it actually refers to – gentle exfoliation of the skin through a light massage application of a slightly grainy lotion. 

All of the products that Jouvence Spas use are natural, including the scrubs. Coffee grounds are an excellent exfoliant for clients seeking to reduce cellulite and firm their skin, while those looking for brighter skin may choose the jasmine rice and green tea scrub. For a super gentle and soft experience, there is a tamarind-infused fresh milk and honey scrub. The milk and honey soften the skin and balance the tamarind, which exfoliates the skin through its natural acidity. 

Additionally, each spa now features a new Jouvence signature fragrance, a combination of frangipani and green tea, specially designed for the spas. It is incorporated everywhere from the room sprays to the shower gels. When starting an oil massage, for example, the therapist places a bowl of steaming water infused with the signature scent on the floor beneath the client and asks that he or she take a few deep breaths – a way to ultra-induce relaxation even before a muscle has been touched. 

But just because they’ve chosen to put it everywhere doesn’t mean that you need to. For an oil massage, clients also have the option of ylang ylang, jasmine or lavender body oils. All of the scents will soon be for sale at the spas.

The flagship Jouvence Spa is located in the Dara Airport City Hotel & Spa, and there are two additional locations in Phnom Penh: Olympia City Hotel, which is immediately and conveniently attached to the Olympia Mall, as well as in The Élysée on Koh Pich. A fourth location is at the iconic Independence Hotel in Sihanoukville. 

Each one provides the same services, running from massage to Vichy showers to mud baths to facials. And because each one is attached to a four-star hotel, they are able to offer spa clients access to first-rate gyms and pools, included in the cost of a spa treatment.

The Phnom Penh locations are showing off their updated spa menu by offering sales prices on the new items, so that everyone can experience the scents, sensations and the relaxation of a spa treatment. 

Treat yourself or somebody you love to indulge in three hours of massage for a much-reduced price of $68 (it would normally be $105). For a one-hour full body jasmine rice scrub and back massage, the price is $25 (usually $35). They also have gift vouchers available so your loved one can try the hot stone massage or pick his or her own type of delight. The deals run through December 31, to celebrate the holidays and get you feeling refreshed and ready for the new year!

To book a treatment in Phnom Penh, call +855 (0) 96 281 2236. For the spa at Independence Hotel, Sihanoukville, call +855 (0) 34 934 300. To book an appointment via email for any location, write to, or visit their Facebook page

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