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Keep Paying the Piper: Funan Beats and Blood Bricks at Boran House

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Keep Paying the Piper: Funan Beats and Blood Bricks at Boran House

Keep Paying the Piper: Funan Beats and Blood Bricks at Boran House

Featuring experimental beats and hardcore punk from some of the most exciting bands in the city.

There’s another unmissable music event on the horizon at Boran House. The main event of their next Pay the Piper stuff, fresh from headlining the High and Dry Festival in Kampot, is Funan Beat Empire. These guys are a freaky bunch that get super experimental with electronic beats and ‘socio-conscious’ rap with a heavy sci-fi styling. Intrigued? You should be.

Plus, Saturday night will kick off with the intense sounds of new kid on the block, hardcore punk group Blood Bricks from 8:30pm. So it’s a chance to catch two homegrown and experimental bands.

As big fans of the Phnom Penh music scene, we really love what Boran House are doing. This hot new spot in BKK2 is trying to change live music in the city for the better. Owners Sna and Aneth have launched Pay The Piper. This series of nights offers you the same cheap drinks and awesome live music but with a $5 entry fee (which includes a beer on arrival). This means the bar keeps the money from drinks and the bands keep the cash from tickets. It’s a win-win. It allows you to enjoy the music and beer and the musicians to pay their rent! We rate this so much, we also wrote about the opening night a few weeks back, featuring Hypnotic Fist Technique.

One of the great charms of this fine city of ours (alongside the cheap booze) is the incredible musical talent. So let’s make sure they can earn a living, eh? Go support the night and keep the music playing in the ‘Penh.

Oh, and for more information about Funan Beat Empire, check out this great interview by Scoddy over on Leng Pleng. (Rivals? What rivals? We’re all friends here).

Pay the Piper, Boran House, St. 310 from 8:30pm. Entry $5, includes a drink.

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