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Mad Monkey Wants Your Blood (For Good Reasons)

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Mad Monkey Wants Your Blood (For Good Reasons)

Mad Monkey Wants Your Blood (For Good Reasons)

You’re someone’s type. Make it worth it.

You’ve given this city your goddam sweat and tears, so why not go the logical next step and potentially save a life?

On Thursday 25th April from 8am-12, The National Blood Transfusion Centre Cambodia will set up at Mad Monkey Phnom Penh… and they need your help. Well, your blood.

Hospitals across Cambodia struggle with major shortages of all blood types for  transfusions during vital operations or to stabilise people who have suffered serious accidents. One of the most urgent demands is for women who lose a lot of blood due to complications while giving birth.

Right here in Phnom Penh, hospitals need up to 200 units every day – and that’s increasing every year.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the world and want to make it count, giving blood is a great way to to it. A single donation could save up to three lives

Not bad for a few minutes on a Thursday morning!

blood drive

Fancy being a hero for the day? Head down to Mad Monkey Phnom Penh, St 302 between 8am and 12pm, Thursday 25th April.

Can’t make it to BKK1? Give The National Blood Transfusion Centre a call on +855 92 998 000 to make an appointment.






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