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Midweek Mirasol is good for the Soul

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Midweek Mirasol is good for the Soul

Sizzling soul served up by Phnom Penh’s queen of the genre. Mirasol Aguila.

Perhaps jazz is your tipple. Maybe you fancy some sleek RnB classics or a famous soul tune – or all three. If so, Mirasol is your gal.

We’re treated to a midweek performance this week, with Phil Javelle (keyboards/vocals) and Antti Siitonen (percussion/vocals) playing alongside her.

If you’ve been following our roundups, or even just an avid live music fan in the city, you’ll likely have came across Mirasol Aguila at some point. She’s a favourite in many a venue for good reason. If you make it along to this performance then let us know your thoughts!

7.30pm – 10.30pm, Wednesday 12th June at Bouchon Wine Bar, Street 174

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