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How to Change the World

Join a gaming afternoon and test your entrepreneurial spirit – it’s time to generate a sustainable business model through role play!

Located in the heart of BKK1, Impact Hub is a co-working space buzzing with entrepreneurs, creatives and techies. More than just an office, this dynamic work space regularly hosts workshops, lectures and events. This weekend Impact Hub host a game that reflects their community.

The suitably named ‘Models of Impact’ is a role-playing and ideation game. The aim is to generate sustainable business models drawing from accessible gameplay instructions. With a glossary of over 200 business models and a suite of helpful resources at your disposal, the game is easy to pick up and fun for all.

Impact Hub Gathering 2017.jpg

Players will be walked through a series of activities to simulate the conception process of a social enterprise with Keisuke Kubota (former staff member at Impact Hub in Kyoto, Japan) at the helm to facilitate play.

Keen? Good news, it’s free for everyone. Registering in advance is required via the following link: Click here to register.

Sunday 28th July, 4pm – 7pm, Impact Hub, Street 306, BKK1

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