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Namaste India Restaurant BKK: Keep Calm and Curry On

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Namaste India Restaurant BKK: Keep Calm and Curry On

Top quality Indian dining with a modern twist in The Penh.

Eating in Phnom Penh has never been better. From the moment the sun comes out, so too do the elderly Khmer ladies in pyjamas, selling all manner of noodles, eggs, miscellaneous meat parts and vegetable variants. Lunchtime is a congested marketplace of competing menus. Cheap and fresh stir-fried veggies from Myanmar, bare bones Singaporean chicken rice and Western hipsters proffering ‘gourmet burgers’. But no cuisine has penetrated the heart of Phnom Penh quite like the fiery spices of the Subcontinent. And the best Indian food in town? Well that crown belongs to Namaste India restaurant BKK. 

Namaste India BKK on St 63, creates a fine dining experience with traditional Indian favourites.

The restaurant has become a beloved staple of the Phnom Penh culinary scene with a reputation that even extends beyond the Kingdom of Wonder. Co-owner Sandeep Goyal moved from Australia after being enticed by the innovative brand, saying: I loved Namaste India and wanted to join the journey to expand…We are looking forward to continuing to provide great Indian food to Phnom Penh.”


The move across the Pacific certainly seemed worth it for Goyal. Since the opening of the BKK restaurant in the summer of last year, it has already become one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Phnom Penh on TripAdvisor. It’s a reputation that’s well deserved.

Look out for the glass front and illuminated sign on St 63, behind which lies elegantly minimalist decor and comfortable booths. From the moment you sit down, the aroma of spices emerging from the kitchen is enough to let you know that you’re about to eat something very special.


Diners become visibly excited as waiters approach with sizzling hot trays fresh from the tandoor, leaving a trail of mouthwatering steam through the air. At Namaste India BKK, the real focus is on the appetizers: chicken garlic kebab, malai chicken and lamb tikka are all cooked in the tandoori oven brought over from India. The tandoor meals are a real treat at Namaste, cooked up by a head chef whose speciality this has been for more than ten years in top Indian restaurants.

It’s perfect for family-style sharing meal, while the delicious and experimental cocktail menu, it’s also a great start to a Friday or Saturday night.


The menu relies on the highest quality local fresh produce and ensures that all of the meat is halal certified. What sets Namaste apart, though, are the modern twists that bring a whole new dimension to traditional Indian cuisine – including some spectacular vegetarian dishes. Unique, mouthwatering specials like tandoori broccoli and Bharwan Aaloo (an egg-shaped kebab crafted from potatoes mashed with herbs, filled with cauliflower, dried plums and pine nuts) are just a handful of example of the delicious experimentation you can experience here.

Namaste India BKK can be found on St. 63 (corner St, 294 BKK1). Check them out here and enjoy your meal:




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