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Join the Circus This Weekend to Help them Break a World Record

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Join the Circus This Weekend to Help them Break a World Record

Join the Circus This Weekend to Help them Break a World Record

The fabulous Phare is about to break a world record… and it needs you to tune in and show your support!

An uptick in new positive Covid-19 cases are keeping most of us away from busy bars, art galleries and live gigs this weekend. But fear not, you can do more to toast the end of a hard week than endless hours of Netflix & Chill. This weekend, you can be part of history in the making. 

On Sunday, the phenomenal Phare Circus will attempt to break the record for the world’s longest ever continuous circus performance. The troupe will take to the stage for an incredible 24 hours and 1 minute – and if you have seen what performers at Phare circus actually do up there, you’ll appreciate just how bloody impressive that is.

The performance will take place at the home of the Circus at Phare Ponleu Selpak, in Battambang. Local residents can enjoy the legendary performance in-person and receive a certificate for being part of the record breaking event, but the rest of the country will be able to stream it live online! So if you are deciding to stay put this weekend, or just feeling a little tender by the time Sunday morning rolls around, then you can show your support from 8am, at their YouTube live stream, below.

Note that the best times to tune in are 10am and 8pm (Cambodia time) on Sunday, when there will be two special one-hour gala events, combining show highlights, interviews with performers, celebrity guests and prize draws.*

*If you’re watching from outside Cambodia, that translates as Sunday 1pm for the UK / 2pm CET / 1.30pm in Australia – and for the US, Saturday at 7pm PST / 9pm CST. 

All in-person visitors and live-streamers will be greatly appreciated and much needed as the Phare is in a very difficult financial situation right now. The Covid crisis prevented the circus from doing live performances for most of 2020 and in 2021 and their sold-out Phnom Penh tour was cut short because some selfish bastard bribed their way out of quarantine. This leaves the Phare $250,000 short of what they need to survive to the end of 2021. So while the performance is free to watch, donations are also very welcome – and you can do that online, here.  

The Phare not only hosts internationally-renowned, moving performances that combine dance, circus and theatre; they also train the creative artists of future Cambodia. The social enterprise helps kids from some of the roughest backgrounds in the Kingdom not only discover the creative arts but find a path to sustaining a living through their passions. 

Oh – and while this even is probably the most impressive, it isn’t the first Guinness World Record secured in Cambodia. In 2018, Prey Veng Province broke the record for the world’s longest dragon boat at a whopping 87.3-meters-long. Other Cambodian records include the world’s longest hand-woven scarf, the largest ‘Madison’ dance, and the world’s largest traditional sticky rice cake. 

This is what a Madison dance is. Yep… 


[Editor’s note – I think we can all agree that it’s hardly a “Phare” comparison]

To show your support for Phare Circus, take part in the record-breaking event and help save a beloved Cambodian institution, click here from 8am on Sunday. To support Phare’s work with a donation, click here

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