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Phnom Penh’s Only Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

Phnom Penh’s Only Weekend Roundup

Phnom Penh’s Only Weekend Roundup

We roundup the absolute best of the weekend ahead so that you don’t have to.

This weekend we have Cambodian sci-fi, an international film festival and a space boogie jam sesh. What else could you ask for?



What’s On Screen

European Film Festival, 10am,  City Wide locations

Tonight kicks off the European Film Festival for the next 10 days in various theaters and screening halls throughout the city showing art house drama and comedy. Check out the lineup here.


Karmalink, 4pm, Major Cineplex Aeon Mall, Sothearos Blvd

This Cambodian sci-fi original film is an absolute must see and opens to Phnom Penh theaters this evening. Showings at Major Cineplex Aeon Mall tonight at 4pm, 6:30pm and 9pm. 


What’s On Stage

Disco Inferno with DJ Dav AF, 19:30pm, Juniper, St. 130 (12th floor)

Kick off the weekend with the city’s best sunset view and, more importantly, Phnom Penh’s most excellent Dutch DJ. Cocktails, cool tunes and an opportunity to remember why you live in this beautiful city. 


What’s On Late

UFO Party with Keimo, Le Fin and Rowan Steele, 9:30pm, Backstreet Bar, St. 308

It is of course time for some space boogie themed live music this evening. Get down to BSB for an unforgettable evening of intergalactic tunes and throw on your sexiest extraterrestrial garments and dance until an unidentified balloon is spotted floating over Phnom Penh. 




What’s On Stage

Faceslap- Party At The End of The World, 10pm, Backstreet Bar, St 308

This is sure to be one of the big ones this weekend. Top quality live music with post-apocalyptic feels. What else could you ask for on a Saturday night?


What Else

Brunch with Cats, 9am- 5pm, Ministry of Cat, St. 442

Feeling a little tender after a big Friday night? Well, do we have the solution for you. Brunch with rescue cats. Yes, from the Ministry of Cat you can enjoy some great cooking while chilling with some beautiful rescue felines, who are also available for adoption! 


Drink Wine Festival, 2pm- 8pm, Monsieur Wine and Beyond, Treelion Park, Koh Pich

Celebrate the French’s National Drink Wine day this Saturday. A large selection of delicious French wines available from 2pm. Must we really say more on this?


Churchill’s Whisky and Cigar Bar Soft Opening, 4pm, Oakwood Premier, One Park, St. R8

Feel like hammering out a business deal or even just drawing problematic national boundary lines without understanding local ethnic divisions? Well, sounds like you need to be slamming some gorgeous whisky and filling the room with the fragrant aroma of Cuban cigars. With a wide selection of both whisky and Cuban cigars, this is one to check out for the sophisticated Phnom Penh crowd out there. 


Haunted House- Nightmares Edition, 4pm-7pm, The Factory, National Road 2

Fly Phnom Penh is bringing the Haunted House back to the Factory. A truly terrifying evening is lined up with a big scary house in what seems to be in the middle of the forest. You will be sweating from more than just the rapid onset of the hot season. 




What’s On Stage

Musician Showcase, 7:45pm, Backstreet Bar, St. 308

Phnom Penh music men: Lewis, Gary and Arone will bring some of their original tracks to this chilled out jam fest. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a big weekend and is also the last opportunity to catch Arone performing his originals in Phnom Penh. 


What Else

Brunch for A Cause, 9am-4:30pm, Rose Entertainment- Gourmet Coffee Breakfast Lunch, St. 446

A $10 entry fee will get you a delicious Turkish style brunch and one drink. A portion of the proceeds will go to supporting those in need after the horrific Syria-Turkey earthquake. The Turkish business owner hosting the event is promising 25% of profits will be given to relief efforts in Turkey. They ask that you RSVP by transferring the $10 to ABA 001630053 and write ‘Brunch for a Cause ’ on remark .


That’s all for now, Penh Pals

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