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Seek out a Negroni this week


Seek out a Negroni this week

National days pop up here and there, but this cocktail has been granted a whole week of celebration.

Did you know it’s International Negroni Week? Did you even know that was a thing?

We didn’t, but we’ll embrace it. Whilst fashion trends are more obvious as they come, go, and reappear comically twenty years later, spirit trends are less predictable.  It’s near impossible not to acknowledge the rise of craft beers globally, and also the huge surge of boutique gins appearing on shelves. Based on the latter, it is perhaps of no surprise that the bitter tasting Gin based cocktail creation is being celebrated by many.


So what is a Negroni?

Typically it’s an equal mix of Gin, Campari and Vermouth.
As you can expected, many quirky twists exist to customise the drink, but for the sixth year of International Negroni Week (as self-proclaimed by Imbibe and Campari), we’d expect any replacements of the Campari brand will get you a dirty look and discluded from the organisers sales drive! Far be it for us to bah-humbug a fun creation, Negronis all round!

Late last year, we featured the rise of a new exciting Gin created in Phnom Penh. Read more about Seeker’s by clicking here.

The Elephant Bar shall have a special takeover event on Friday as a member of the Seeker’s Spirits team get behind the bar to intoxicate and enthral, perhaps an ideal blowout to close off the week.

17:00, Friday June 28th @ The Elephant Bar, Raffles, Rukhak Vithei, Wat Phnom. 

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