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Steak puns aren’t rare but they’re well done at 21 Bar, holy cow!


Steak puns aren’t rare but they’re well done at 21 Bar, holy cow!

One of our favourite steak hotspots in Phnom Penh, 21 Bar used to be the Thursday hangout, but now you can start your week oh-so-deliciously.

In the past, we visited 21 bar for their popular unlimited steak evenings on Thursdays, but what became of them?

Phnom nom nom, our throwback Thursday churned up meaty mayhem at an all-you-can-eat steak buffet at 21 bar. We noted that their was plenty of vegetarian offerings also available so that carnivorous appetites need not abandon their eco-friendly munch buddies.  We’ve not seen an all-you-can-eat Steak fandango Thursday in a while, but good news…


It’s time to raise the steaks. It need not be a rare treat, as every Monday 21 Bar are offering a delicious barbecue from 6pm until 10pm.


We can definitely vouch that the quality we enjoyed before was delicious, and we’re curious as to whether there will be a return of their oyster offerings on Fridays… we’ll keep you posted.

Bon appétit.

6pm-10pm, Every Monday at 21 Bar, Street 21 (Funny that, eh?). Pricing starting from $10

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