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The Best of Phnom Penh THIS Weekend

Our Pick

The Best of Phnom Penh THIS Weekend

Top events in Phnom Penh from now until Monday Morning


What’s On the Pitch

Let’s start with the obvious: World Cup fever. Tonight’s matches are:

Brazil v Costa Rica, 7pm

Nigeria v Iceland, 10pm

Serbia v Switzerland, 1am

And here’s our pick of where to watch them!

What’s On Screen

Tonight, META House premieres two documentaries created by Cambodian students and following the work of community organisations striving to make a difference to people’s lives in Phnom Penh. Worth a watch if the bad news cycle is getting you down! More info here >

Or, for something entirely frivolous, get down to The Flicks for a 20-year anniversary, special screening of Spice World: The Movie. If, like me, you begged your mum to let you see it in the cinema when it first came out, you no doubt feel pretty weird about this right now…. (8.30pm, Flicks 1, St 95)

What’s On Show

A sobering new exhibition opens at the Bophana Center today, delving into the stories of families living in poverty in Cambodia, and how they work with the Department of Planning initiative, IDPoor. Details here >>

What’s On Stage

It’s the end of an era at Comedic Stylings, as standup Stevo Joslin delivers his final Phnom Penh set at the Box Office before heading back to sunny Califor-NI-A. He will be sorely missed. Details here >>

At Cloud, there’s open-mic spoken word, poetry, songs, monologues and more at Feminist Voices. Feel free to perform in any language. Details here >>

Music-wise, there’s American soul and rock & roll flavours from Greg Beshers at Farm to Table (6.30pm, St 360), talented trio Roxane, Aymen & Jedil playing everything from rumba to Cash covers at Alchemy (8pm, St 123), plus pop covers at Hard Rock Cafe, and “surprise guests” at Botanico. Interesting.

What’s On Late

DJ Fingaz plays Club Bangerz at Pontoon until 4am. Or, you know, you can always opt for the inevitable Red Bar > Zeppelin > Tuk Tuk Bar > The Wall Friday night circuit. 

pinky and the brain


What’s On The Pitch

The lineup today is:

Belgium v Tunisia, 7pm

South Korea v Mexico, 10pm

Germany v Sweden, 1am

And here’s our pick of where to watch them!

What’s On Screen

John Pilger sheds light on the dangerous escalations in the disputes between the US and China in The Coming War On China (4pm, META House).

This is followed by the 1972 classic film adaptation of Cabaret (7pm), Bob Fosse’s masterful depiction of a decadent Berlin falling into the hands of the Nazis in the 1930s. Never seen it? Here’s leading lady Liza Minelli killing it as Sally Bowles in the seedy Kit Kat Klub:

What’s On Stage

To launch his latest collection of poetry, Scott Bywater gives a poetry reading tonight at Garage, with musical interludes provided by Clay George. Details here >> 

Ballantine’s True Music brings live Khmer bands to the stage at Factory Pub (6pm, St 3A), and Euan Gray plays an acoustic lunchtime solo set at Hard Rock Cafe. More details here >>

What’s On Late

The Wall is celebrating its first birthday! Yes, we know, it feels like it’s been there forever, but it’s just Howie who has. To celebrate, you can get inked while you drink by the amazing Salty Dog tattooist team. Feeling brave? Here’s the deets >>

There’s techno until 1am at META House, or shake things up at Club Love’s Treasure Hunt tonight, where coupons for free drinks are hidden throughout the club. Details here >>

What Else?

Alas, the much-loved trove of second-hand treasures, Don Don Down is now closing down. The good news is that, this weekend, everything in the shop is just 5000 riel. Details here >>


What’s On The Pitch

Your world cup matches for today are:

England v Panama, 7pm

Japan v Senegal, 10pm

Poland v Colombia, 1am

And here’s where we’d recommend watching them!

What’s On the Menu

Something to celebrate? Do it in style at the Sofitel, where a lovingly crafted High Tea is on offer from 3-5pm. Details here >> 

What’s On Screen

If you’re feeling nostalgic, The Flicks on St 95 is screening a whole bunch of classic films that (probably) defined your childhood today: Mary Poppins (11.30am), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (2pm), Back to the Future (4pm) and Billy Elliot (6pm).

If you’re still in the movie-watching mood after all that, stick around for Lipstick Under My Burkha (8pm), a riotous feminist hit about female desire that was banned back in India.

What’s On Stage

In today’s instalment of The Piano Shop’s classical music series, Professor Cicilia Yudha plays pieces by the late, great Rachmaninoff. Details here >>

What’s On Show

There’s just a week to go of the excellent Duality art exhibition, hosted by Kbach Gallery but shown an Exchange Square. A blend of urban and contemporary art from international artists based in Phnom Penh. More details here >>

That’s all from this week, folks! Have a good one…


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