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The Puntastic Phnom Penh Beer Festival


The Puntastic Phnom Penh Beer Festival

Bring all your buds along to Phnom Penh’s first beer festival.

Sailing Seafood Restaurant will be hosting the first ever Phnom Penh beer festival! The lager than life festival will be held this Saturday (5th) from 6pm-11pm.

So round up your best buds, we have high hops for this night. There will be a delicious BBQ buffet, with more than 50 options and free flowing beer from 10 different varieties. There will also be a live band and DJ, so you can rest assure than schooner or later some Australians will at least be having a dance.

I have many friends. Buds as I affectionately refer to them. One of my buds is not going to the beer festival. I also have one who is going to the beer festival.  This one is a bud wiser than the last.

The Phnom Penh beer festival will be held at Sailing Seafood Restaurant from 18:00-23:00pm and is located on St.167 off National Assembly Boulevard. 



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