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Tinder nightmares may become good fortune


Tinder nightmares may become good fortune

What’s the worst date you’ve ever had? Did you find out the girl had a boyfriend, only because he showed up? Cash in on your misfortune at this comical event!

It’s all too common to scroll past a tinder horror story on your newsfeed. To lighten these dark memories, Cloud plays host to a fun event whereby your hilarious misfortune can win you a big ole pile of cash.

Olivia and Jo-Ann host this schadenfreude filled date disaster recollection competition, as entrants pay a dollar to submit their story to the room. The winner wins all – that’s right, every entry dollar could be yours. You don’t need to be a confident storyteller as – aside from speaking on the night – there is an option to send your story by message to either of the hosts on Facebook.  (Link to their pages in the footer).


Have you ever been on a bad date? So bad you were messaging your friends about it whilst you were still on the date? So bad you’ve been telling everyone you know? Well come and share your story at our Bad Date competition and be in with the chance to win some prize money!

There’s only one condition noted:
“As we live in a small town, we ask that all names and identifying details of Bad Dates remain confidential (though wouldn’t it be funny if a Bad Date was accidentally outed during the competition… ;))”

*Phew*… looks like this retired Phnom Penh dater has nothing to worry about.

Stories must be submitted by Wednesday 19th June.
Any stories send by message will be read out by the hosts on the night, participation is encouraged.

8.00pm – 11.00pm, Thursday 20th June at Cloud, Street 9. Entry $1, Send your stories to Olivia Dhn or Jo-Ann Lim by Wednesday, 19 June.

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