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What’s On This Weekend?

Weekend Roundup

What’s On This Weekend?

What’s On This Weekend?

After months of small group dinners and drinks and singing to oneself, the city is ready to start back its vibrant nightlife of bands, dancing, drinks and more drinks. All as safe as can be!

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Meta House has got your cinema fix this weekend, no matter what the mood. Tonight it’s a double feature mixing the masterful with the macabre. At 7pm, Angkor Wat Megacity exposes the extents of the ancient Angkor metropolis, long since hidden under the forest’s dense canopy and now exposed by laser mapping technology. 

If you’ve ever wondered what The Muppet Show would be like if they had “real world” problems such as drug addictions, romantic triangles or even murder, then you’re in luck. Starting at 10pm, Meet the Feebles depicts muppets under the influence of mayhem – created by the same guy who did the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

7pm & 10pm, Meta House, St. 178


Jam for a Cause at Moon Knight Pub is a free show and free flow but with a donation box to collect funds for Save the Children, Cambodia. Organisers say they are specifically concerned about Cambodia’s homeless children who are even more at risk due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Freeflow is sponsored by Carlsburg, and Whiskey & Biscuits is on the stage. Reserve your spot in advance as social distancing requires a 30 person limit.

8pm, Friday and Saturday, Moon Knight Eatery & Pub, St. 146

Duos make experiences better, they say (think: coffee and cream, peanut butter and jelly, sh*ts and giggles, etc.), so we’re pretty lucky that tonight’s music lineups are all talented musicians who’ve come together as twos.

Marianna and Joe, together forming the Heartworn Highway, will play Americana tunes from the mid-1800s to today. What’s that mean? Twanging, jangling guitar and a clear, beautiful voice that makes you recall a childhood you’ve never had, full of cowboys and open fires in wide open plains. 

7pm, Farm to Table, St. 360

Antonio and Janeth will also be helming the guitar and mics, but their set is a groovy collection of modern pop covers. 

7pm, Alchemy, St. 123

Enjoy the feeling of Havana as you cha cha cha to Latino music duo Agüita de Coco…and smoke one of the Cuban cigars for sale.

9pm, Est. Lounge, St. 214

Srey Ka and Ratha – aka K’n’E – know how to bring you back to the swinging 60’s in Phnom Penh, when Ros Serey Sothea, Pen Ran and Sinn Sisamouth were playing garage rock-influenced dance hits. 

10pm, Friday and Sunday, Oscar’s on the Corner, Cnr. St. 13 and St. 104


Seekers Spirits has big things around the corner – a new location and a new spirit (literal and metaphorical). Reserve a spot and pull up your barstool to ask the bartender all about it. For social distancing reasons, they’ve got two seatings available, and should your spot be your dinner time, you’re free to BYO food.

5-7:30pm and 7:45-10pm, Friday and Saturday, Seekers Spirits, St. 454


Miss dancing??? Yeah, us too. Club Love is back with a soft reopening tonight. Reserve your spot as space is social-distancing limited – which also gives you more room on the dancefloor! Drinks are half price from 9-10pm.

9pm, Club Love, St. 278




Talented artist Kok is having a solo exhibition opening tonight at Sra’Art, as part of their Human Interaction cycle. Mixing pointillism and graphic art, the vivid colors and imagery are due to please the eye. 

6-10:30pm, Sra’Art, Sothearos Blvd.


Tonight’s double feature film mashup of masterful and macabre starts with a documentary Baraka – described by its maker as a “guided meditation” – that shows religion, nature and the results of man’s destructiveness across 24 countries and six continents. 

Little Shop of Horrors, the second feature film of the night, is a cult classic “horror” movie with a fairly unusual premise for such a popular hit. A shop owner needs human flesh to feed his ever-hungry, blood sucking Venus flytrap. Oh, and it’s a musical.

7pm & 10pm, Meta House, St. 178


The big one for tonight is the 99 Boyz Farewell Dudes Show at Alchemy from 8pm. It’s your last chance to catch the infamous retro loving RnB trio before Saska Chewan heads back to his native Philippines.

8pm, Alchemy, St. 123

“Street corner gypsy busker” “passionate singer” and “percussive guitar player” Christophe Horvath is back in Phnom Penh and playing a show at Botanico. He likes to cover ballads, hymns and protest songs in English, Spanish and Italian. And yes, this is all one man.

7pm, Botanico Wine & Beer Garden, St. 29

The Goldilocks Zone has spent the Covid downtime writing new songs, rehearsing and gearing up for their return to the stage. Witness the magic again, polished up and a little bit new, at Oscar’s on the Corner.

8pm, Oscar’s on the Corner, Cnr. St. 13 and St. 104


Canadian DJ duo Circle of 2 is spinning chill house at Est. Lounge. Speaking of duos, cocktails and spirits are two for one. 

9pm, Est. Lounge, St. 214


Harvest Craft Beer is giving two for $4 beers at Lantern Rooftop Bar. Also playing at the bar that night is duo Kiss Bang Bong. Reserve your spots in advance for either event!

5:30-10pm, Lantern Rooftop Bar, St. 282

Friendly neighbourhood bar (surtout pour les francophones) Rush Pub is having a special Tunisian buffet dinner for $8. The blend of Meditteranean and North African cuisine pairs well with the bar’s copious glasses of red wine.

7-9pm, Rush Pub, St. 282

Orchid Bar at the Palace Gate Hotel is holding a three-hour free flow, with open bar on white and red wines, beers, and all you can eat buffet for $22, accompanied with live music.

6:30-10pm, Orchid Bar, St. 240

What else?

Red Fox is holding a no-limit hold ‘em tourney tonight (that’s poker…if you didn’t know that, you probably don’t want to join). It’s a $20 buy in, $20 rebuy and $20 add on at the break. It’s a game that can make or break you. Good luck!

7pm, Red Fox, St. 136




Rounding out the Meta House weekend movie marathon is a film from 1980’s Communist Kazakhstan. Apparently if you mixed Mad Max adventures with Monty Python absurdity and put them on a planet far, far away (but that, you know, looks like Earth a bit), then you’ll have this throwback, Kin Dza Dza.

7pm, Meta House, St. 178


Need some day to night drinking served alongside chill beats? Head to Sunday Sessions Toul Tompoung’s The Deck where those Canadian DJs Circle of 2 will play the tunes, and the bar will have $2 glasses of sangria.

5-8pm, The Deck, St. 123


We’re glad to see you again. 🙂

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