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Why walk when you can Fly?

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Why walk when you can Fly?

Fly Phnom Penh offers eight different bouncing banterful areas in their air conditioned trampoline park for all ages.

I’m always jumping for joy to discover new fun excursions within Phnom Penh. Fly, at The Factory, is a large trampoline park that offers a fun workout through various bouncy attractions.

The large space has 8 different areas:

A dodgeball court
Grab small foam balls and bounce around dodging and flinging them at your friendly foes.

Two basketball hoops.
The smaller one is excellent for dunking, and both have long bounce mats to give you a spectacular bouncy approach.

Professional trampolines accompanied by mountable surroundings.
Much more bounce, great for doing flips and skilful moves. The instructors can show you wall running and other neat tricks.

A Velcro wall.
This may only work for the lighter and littler folk, but you can put on a Velcro suit and launch yourself at this wall – the aim is to stick to it, but it just didn’t seem to work for me no matter how hard I launched myself at the wall…

A little caged arena.
Two bounce pads are separated with a net, and the whole arena is within a net. The aim is simply to throw a ball through a top hoop in the opponents section, triggering the display counter to add +1 to your score, before the ball falls out through the bottom hoop. Great fun and a surprisingly rigorous workout!

General trampoline pads.
The expected main feature is a large array of trampoline pads sprawling across the floor, allowing large groups to bounce at once. On quieter days, it’s great fun to get from wall to wall as fast as possible via these pads.

A ninja assault course.
Various challenges hang above ball pits, ranging in difficulty level. There are hanging walkways, monkey bars and other fun obstacles. Although, many folk prefer just to jump straight in the ball pit because… why not!

A climbing wall with a crash mat.
Run up and leap onto a huge crash mat, before scaling a climbing wall. There’s a ‘7 years and under’ line across the middle of the wall for safety- the older folk can enjoy climbing to the top of the wall and jumping off onto the mat.

What else?

Alongside the great fun and the great workout, there’s a café upstairs and birthday packages are available.

Fly Phnom Penh, The Factory, 1159 NR2, Phnom Penh

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