St George’s Day @ Alchemy: A Love Letter to England’s Musical Greats

Any patriotic English among you, rejoice: Cambodia is celebrating your patron saint in style at Alchemy on Saturday 22nd April.

George killing the Dragon
St George’s Day, on April 23rd, is when we English celebrate that time a made-up Turkish dude speared a creature that doesn’t exist.

Okay, so it’s actually the night before St George’s Day, but we all have our dragons to wrestle. More importantly, Saturday night will see the creation of a very special St George’s Trio, performing at Alchemy in Tuol Tuom Pong.

Local-living Brit musicians Joe Wrigley and Steve Sutcliffe are joined by percussionist Antti Siitonen for a night of the very best music England has had to offer over the past 50 years, including covers of the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, the Kinks, the Jam, Elvis Costello, Oasis, Radiohead, The Verve and (ahem)… Ed Sheeran.

Ah, a veritable catalogue of musical greats from every corner of the nation. With Brexit looming, the Tories on the rampage, and Scotland resuming calls to bugger off for good, here’s something we English can finally be proud of…

(On which note, Happy 91st Birthday, Queen Lizzie!)

St George’s Trio plays at Alchemy, St 123 on Sat 22nd April from 8.30 to 11pm.

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