Diamond Island Showing at META House with Davy Chou Q & A.

From 7pm tonight (26th April) META House will show the internationally acclaimed ‘Diamond Island’ the narrative feature of French-Cambodian helmer Davy Chou.

When 18-year old Bora (Sobon Nuon) leaves rural Cambodia to become a construction worker, he is reunited with missing brother Solei (Cheanick Nov) on “Diamond Island,” a glittering half-finished luxury development near Phnom Penh. DIAMOND ISLAND is a compassionate film is as much about its very specific Cambodian setting as it is the characters, with the film’s standout star its neon-pastel location work.

It is to be hoped that the film marks, in a small way, a new flowering of Cambodian cinema. The grandson of one of Cambodia’s most prolific producers prior to the Khmer Rouge purges — which, of course, eliminated most of the country’s creative practitioners — the French-born Chou brightly represents a new generation.


There will be a Q&A with director Davy Chou following the  screening.

META House is located on 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh.


The film will begin at 7pm.
Entrance Fee: USD 2.

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