Phaere Creative @ The French Institute

Phare Creative is officially launching its studio in Phnom Penh on Thursday the 18th of May. They will be launching at the French institute and all are welcome.

Phare Creative studio is a social enterprise supporting the work of Phare Ponleu Selpak through job creations and artistic projects. The mission of  Phare Ponleu Selpak is to restore the destroyed culture and identity of Cambodia and provide support for children subjected to trauma, neglect, or abuse through three interweaving fields of intervention: social support, educational services, and artistic trainings.

The Phare studio team designs fresh and innovative contents in 2D animation, graphic design, illustration, video and sound.

Phare invites you to join the cocktail party to celebrate the official launch of the Studio!

During this special evening, discover the Cambodian studio, its artists and its work.

The event will host much more than just excellent cocktails. Expect:

▶ An exhibition

▶ Live painting

▶ A concert

▶ caricature

▶ Lucky Draw

▶ And more…

Show your support for the studio by coming to the Institut Français du Cambodge, on St. 184 from 6pm, Thursday 18th of May.

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