Scoddy at Botanico

The one and only Scott Bywater, or ‘Scoddy’ if you are in the know, Or indeed, enjoy pretending to be like many of us enjoy doing in our fun wee city, will be performing Botanico Wine and Beer Garden.

Local music legend Scoddy likes to do a little bit of everything in the ever expanding music scene of Phnom Penh. He is: part poet, part singer,part guitar player, part song writer, part harmonica player and part drums dabbler. And oh, one last thing, he is a founding member of the infamous Cambodian Space Project.

Now it is not unusual that this man would be performing in Phnom Penh on a Friday night. What is unusual however, is that he is due to drop an album very soon and may be giving an exclusive live performance of some new tracks.

Scoddy will be performing at Botanico from 19:30- 21:00 on Friday (16th June).

His poetry is also published online as it happens at-

Here he is in action :

Scoddy Solo Set, 7.30pm-9pm @ Botanico, St 29


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