In the Endless Jungle of Phnom Penh

An ambitious new sculpture exhibition depicting the urban jungle of Cambodia’s capital opens today at Cloud.

In the Endless Jungle

Created by the French (but Phnom Penh-based) art duo Develop Boeung Kak Art (DBKArt), the exhibition aims to bring to life the city’s different moods and impressions, creating a complex portrait of its sounds, traffic and human flows, as well as the waste it spits out each day.

As well as installations, photography, painting, sculpture and creative use of recycled lights, the artists will also hold workshops to foster engagement with the ideas at its heart.

Ludivine Labille and Marjolaine Arnoud, creators of DBKArt, have worked with the lakeside community since 2014 on artistic and environmental collaborations that explore the relationship between the city and its residents, and to encourage a more sustainable co-existence.

These projects have been credited with breathing new life into the area, contributing to now-famous graffiti scene and encouraging tourism – which all but dried up after the lake was filled in several years ago.

In the Endless Jungle of Phnom Penh launches at 6pm on Thursday 29th June @ Cloud, Street 9. The exhibition will run until 14th July. 

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