Continuing this Week: Diana Bailey Band’s Whistlestop Tour

Missed the excellent Diana Bailey Band in Phnom Penh last weekend? Don’t panic – they have a bunch of shows up their sleeve before they head back to Vietnam.

Drawing inspiration from soul divas, folk heroes and indie-blues legends like the Black Keys, Canadian singer Diana Bailey and Texan guitarist Brian Armstrong blend pop, soul and country sounds in perfect harmony.

So far on their second-ever visit to Cambodia, the duo have played an awesome set over at Show Box, plus gigs down in Kampot and out on the islands… and now they’re back for a handful more, here in Phnom Penh.

With shows over the next few days at Oscar’s on the Corner and Tusk, and two more next weekend at Duplex and Botanico, there’s no excuse not to drop into a gig while these guys are in town.

The Diana Miller Band will play at:

9.30pm on Friday 30th June @ Oscar’s On the Corner, St 13 & St 104

9pm on Saturday 1st July at Tusk, St 278

7th July @ Duplex, St 278 (Time TBC)

8th July @ Botanico, St 29 (Time TBC)



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