Farm To Table Hosts: Jazz In The Garden

Farm To Table is once again kicking off the weekend with a delightful evening of live music. This Friday they have the Osaka duo of Mary and Takeshi.

Whether you come to Farm To Table for the adorable baby goats or a delightful evening of live music, you will always find a great night in this Phnom Penh oasis. Chilled out surroundings and the chance to embrace your hedonist urges with incredible (and healthy) food coupled with a long list of fine cocktails.

Tonight will host Mary and Takeshi. The musical duo will create a laid back atmosphere with some nova guitar style jazz.

We all know the night will end with us crawling out of some god forsaken club at 8 am to be greeted by sunrise and judgement. But let us at least start the evening in a respectable way.

Mary and Takeshi will perform at Farm To Table on Friday the 4th of August from 18:30-20:30pm. Farm To Table is located on St.360 in BKK1:


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