Pizza… Beer… Fashion… Party? It’s All Happening at Jungle & Jardin

As always, we’ve been purveying the events of the city, to let you know what exciting excursions and adventures await you. This Friday (15th), JUNGLE&Jardin celebrate their first birthday bash in style.

Located on #21A, street 426, Phnom Penh 12000, the event kicks off from 6.30pm and runs until midnight. A perfect celebration of the new ‘Ready-to-wear’ range.


Craaaaazzzzy Colour Blocks

Want a free beer? The dress code invites you to invest in ‘Crazy Colour blocks’ when choosing your outfit choice – and they’ll reward you with a free beer for your efforts.


Meet the team, have a boogie

The two designers Charlotte and Hani will be partying away to celebrate the brand, and they’ve got all sorts of treats for you. Enjoy the fresh tunes of Dj Malo and Dj Pineapple as they keep the spirits lifted and dance floor vibrant.

Charlotte is to Hani what the jungle is to the garden.
The designer and the stylist are as different as they are complementary. One is headstrong and the other is tempered. Both are passionate about fashion.
After a promising first year, the young duo is designing a new chapter of J&j with a ready to wear wardrobe ,
timeless but modern
feminine but chic
radical but simple.


It keeps getting better –  Nom Nom Nom

After two months of hard work , the shop will finally reopen for a big street party under the mango tree with food and drinks by the TUK TUK bar and Katy Peri . We often indulge in a late night treat from Katy Peri’s pizza cart, based near Pontoon, so it’s good to know the party will be in safe hands.

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