Pop Trio Boxchords @ Tusk

This Saturday, multinational acoustic trio Boxchords appear at Tusk to provide the soundtrack to your sundown celebrations.

Hailing from Singapore, Pakiston and the Philippines, the trio combine to reinterpret songs from an array of genres including funk, pop, rock, RnB and folk.  You’ll be treated to some original compositions too as their energy and enthusiasm set the mood for an upbeat boogie.

When’s the Gig?

For music events at Tusk, it’s a 9pm start – but the pool is waiting there all afternoon if you want to get in and reserve the best spots in the house.

Remind Us Again, Where is This?

Find Tusk down Street 278 in BKK1, it’s amongst some of the cities party venues with pub crawls often spilling on to the streets and a vibrant mixture of ex-pats, locals and backpackers joining together for a dance.

What Can I Expect?

Here’s The Box Chords performing the A-Ha classic, ‘Take on Me’

Over the past two weekends, Complicated Business and Hypnotic Fist Technique have got the crowd pumped up. Check out Complicated Business’ set here:

This week we’re super excited to catch both punk queen Vartey Ganiva and the awesome Boxchords. Looks like Tusk is planning to keep the atmosphere electric every weekend!

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