Forget the iPod, Get In a Pod-for-I at Eighty8 Hostel

Whether you’re in town for the weekend, have friends coming to stay or – like me – need to escape your broken air-con, this hostel is one of best finds in Phnom Penh.

Many moons ago, the rooftop vibes of Dusk ’til Dawn cast its downwards gaze across the humble Phnom Penh panorama. Long gone are the days of this reggae haunt being one of the highest buildings on the skyline, as towering construction booms around the city, making way for an arsenal of mega-complexes and serviced swanky pads.

So where do you stay in a city spoilt for choice?

Travellers need not part from their hard-earned dollars purely for a lumpy mattress in a room without air-con. It’s a buyer’s market in the city, as the hotel trade faces the fiercest competition in years.


Earlier this month, Siv Meng of The Phnom Penh Post reported:

According to a recent hotel study by the real estate firm, the number of two-star accommodation premises in Phnom Penh increased 23 percent year-on-year when compared to June last year. Overall, the number of hotels in the city jumped from 355 to 437. The data revealed that 4-star hotels equate to supply of 6,158 rooms available in Phnom Penh while 5-star hotels occupy 2,830 rooms.

In just one year, this dramatic rise in property seems to have surpassed the demand, yet building sites continue to appear as foreign developers daydream of big bucks.

So, with all this choice, there’s one main question:

Where to Stay?

We keep our ear to the ground to source out great deals, quirky accommodation and memorable stays in the city. This week, we’re highlighting a hostel choice that offers top value, upgrading your usual dorm room experience.

Japanese-Inspired Private Pods

We recently wrote a review on Jet’s Container Market, and once again the freight container has found a up-cycled new purpose.

Complete with air-con, plug sockets, lighting, privacy shutters and a bed big enough for two, these pods will have you questioning your next hostel bunk-bed’s suitability.

Pod Open Door.jpg

The long room contains two rows of containers, with an upper pod or lower pod option. All pods have private lockers to store your belongings, and the room has four shared toilets and (hot) shower rooms.

All this must come at a heavy price, right?


Weighing in at only $6 a night*, the private pods are a great deal – and experience.
*direct booking from their website.

Pod Inside.jpg

Couples can book one between them, but with a $5 second person surcharge to charge the pod, so you may as well book two for that dollar extra.

The Facilities

When the air-con in my bedroom broke during a spectacularly hot and miserable week, I took the opportunity to test out these pods, up on Street 88 at the aptly named Eighty8 Backpackers.

Pod 1.jpg

First up: the pods were comfortable and roomy. The owner is also aiming for a “boutique” feel, with a chilled soundtrack playing from the bar to set the mood.

Next, there’s a great pool, where you can order a coconut and chill. Oh, and the WiFi works perfectly – always a bonus.

Eighty8 Backpackers, St 88, Near Wat Phnom

Get more details and book directly from Eighty8 via there website: Here.

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