Gintrification: Fridays at Il Forno Become a Gin Connoisseur’s Dream

Afterwork Wednesdays at Il Forno have always been a delight, but not everyone can be a midweek warrior. The Italian suave restaurant of Il Forno is introducing a new weekend treat mixing up a huge array of gins combined with free bites.


As of the second Friday of November (10th), a Gin & Tonic a la carte bar will appear every Friday on the first floor of the restaurant.

With 13 gins, 12 tonics and 14 garnishes offered, customers are invited to pick and choose their own custom combinations to mix up their perfect G&T.


Speaking with Ed Carminati, the managing director of Il Forno, he emphasised the growing gin trends across Europe and his vision to provide a premium selection in the heart of Cambodia for customers to indulge in.

Food for Thought

Much like the hugely popular ‘Italian Afterwork Wednesdays’, there will be a special tapas selection free of charge for any visitors to the event. Ed mused the possibility of DJ appearances sporadically at the event, which we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for.
Free pizza always gets people salivating, and at Il Forno the attention to detail is key to their craft.
The large, custom built wood burning stove always has glowing embers 24/7 – and every morning at 7am it’s fired up again so that it’s at the optimum temperature in time for the Restaurant opening.
Ed explained the perfect craft of creating the authentic Italian Pizza, with an emphasis on their care to import the ideal Italian ingredients.  The pizza is crisp, yet light. It won’t flop from overloaded toppings and is balanced carefully to satisfy your hunger without making you feel uncomfortable from excessive dough.
Whilst learning about the restaurant, it was very clear how attentive and hospitable the staff are – as regularly they went the extra mile to make sure each customer felt valued, welcomed and received high quality service.

Italian Afterwork, Wednesdays from 6pm @ Il Forno, Street 302, in BKK1. The Gin + Tonic a la carte night launches Friday 10th November.

P.S. Looking for a great late night pizza? Check out our review of Katy Peri’s Tuk Tuk Pizza here. 


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