Willy Wang & Dick Johnson @ Tusk

London-based duo Willy Wang & Dick Johnson (WW&DJ) land in Phnom Penh this weekend… and they’re kicking off their tour with a gig in BKK1.

Who Are They?

An acoustic rock duo from London, UK, WW&DJ is formed of singer John Wild and guitarist Peter Pahor.

Channelling giants of 60s rock’n’roll in their performance style, the pair cover pop and rock hits from the 50s onwards, including The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Credence Clearwater, Queen, Oasis, George Michael, The Kinks, The Beatles, The White Stripes, and Kings of Leon.

Where Can I See Them Play?

In addition to Saturday’s gig at Tusk House, BKK1, WW&DJ will be storming the stage at the Diamond Moon Festival on Koh Pich on 25th November.

WW&DJ, 9pm, Saturday 18th November @ Tusk House, St 278, BKK1




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