ILGA-Asia Film Festival Champions the Fight for Gay & Trans Rights

In parts of Asia, being gay can still be a death sentence. This week-long programme of films and documentaries explores the region’s progress and challenges in depth.

While much of the world marches on towards equality, life is still extraordinarily dangerous for LGBTQI people in much of Asia. Timed to coincide with the annual ILGA-Asia conference, which takes stock of the situation each year, the film festival runs for a week and highlights major issues and struggles in Asia’s LGBTQI community.

Here’s the full schedule.

Sunday 3rd December

The festival opens with three documentaries from Nepal, India and China and a feature film about a transgender circus troupe in Vietnam

11am: SAME SEX MARRIAGE (Nepal, 2017, 127 min)

2pm: BREAKING FREE (India, 2015, 82 min)

3.30pm: ESCAPE (China 2017, 75 min)

5pm: LO TO (Vietnam, 2017, 110 min)

Tuesday 5th December

7.30pm: HOW GAY IS PAKISTAN (Pakistan, 2015, 60 min). A documentary looking at the lives of LGBTQI people in Pakistan, where homosexuality is illegal. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Muhammad Siddique Wali from Hamraz Male Health Society in Pakistan.

Wednesday 6th December

7.30pm: PINK DADS (2016, 20 min) by Fan Popo and WHAT I WOULD’VE TOLD MY DAUGHTER IF I KNEW WHAT TO SAY BACK THEN (2017, 13 min) by Cha Roque, followed by a discussion of queer stereotypes and the power of film with three directors from China, Philippines and Vietnam.

Thursday 7th December

7.30pm: THIS KIND OF LOVE (Myanmar, 2015, 45 min) by Jeanne Hallacy follows Burmese human rights educator and activist, Aung Myo Min, as he returns home after 24 years in exile. TRANSINDIA (India, 2015, 30 min) looks at the Indian transgender community in Ahmedabad.

Friday 8th December

7.30pm: OUR LOVE STORY (Korea, 2016, 99 min).

Saturday 9th December

First, from 11am, a series of short films looking at the irrepressible power of love, regardless of sexuality:


FULFIL MY NEEDS (2017, 24 min)

GOODBYE MR. BE, HELLO MISS B. (2016, 15 min)

THE END (2016, 30 min)

THE PARK ( 2016, 17 min)

I WISH I KNOW HOW TO QUIT YOU (2016, 11 min)

MOMO (2016, 16 min)

These are followed by two feature films:

3pm: KA BODYSCAPES (India, 2016, 99 min)

5pm: TWO FATHERS (Thailand, 2016, 96 min)

ILGA-Asia Film Festival, 3rd-9th December, META House, Sothearos Boulevard

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