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Beer Survival Kits: Phúc Yeah!


Beer Survival Kits: Phúc Yeah!

Beer Survival Kits: Phúc Yeah!

Out of the pub, and on to a video-group chat pint session. Make your friends jealous with these beer buddies.

Bulk buying mayhem is ravaging the Western world but thankfully Phnom Penh has not succumb to such toilet paper hoarding madness (hooray for the bum-gun). Being considerate and responsible is key during this crisis, but there’s no harm in adding a few extra beers to that shopping trolley, and supporting local enterprise at the same time!

Both Harvest Pale Ale, and Phúc Mī, are offering trade price specials on their cases of beer. There’s free delivery offered for both brands and each case comes with 24 bottles. We’d recommend trying both, as they’re very distinctive.


First up is Harvest Craft Beer Co’s flagship Pale Ale, the favourite of many kitsch bars, restaurants and hotels in the city. The hoppy ale has a tropical aroma and a smooth taste, making it perfect for the sunny Cambodian quarantine.

The average bottle price of the Australian-style pale ale is usually between $3-5 in venues, making the $39 case a real bargain.

For a little more about the local brewing group, check out our piece about its launch party last year.


Delivered to the door today, giant inflatable pineapple not included.

Secondly, Phúc Mī, is a newcomer to the Phnom Penh market – primarily because it wasn’t intended for here. The cheekily named beer was set to export to Vietnam, but due to recent COVID-19 related delivery issues it’s stayed put. Sorry Vietnam!

The pilsner has a clear, blonde hue forming an appetising frothy white head. It’s a light beer with some yeast flavours and moderate sweetness- very pleasant and much recommended!

The team behind it are offering the cases at a hugely generous $20 price-point, ideal for anyone stocking up for self-isolation.

Both brands are brewed locally in Phnom Penh and are run independently. To support these local brewers, and purchase a case, see their contact details below:

Harvest Pale Ale: Facebook Page

Phúc Mī: Contact directly via +85581767103

For more info on our City’s incredible craft beer scene, check out our feature on the Penh’s best breweries.

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