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KBach Bash to Announce 2019 Arts Competition Winner

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KBach Bash to Announce 2019 Arts Competition Winner

KBach Bash to Announce 2019 Arts Competition Winner

The 2019 KBach Arts Competition winner will be crowned at the KBach Bash street party this Sunday, over at Factory.

Sunday, 8 December, is set to be huge as the KBach Bash takes place from midday at the home of Kbach Arts at The Factory. The arts and music festival is an all-day street art party speckled with talent and features to entertain all ages.

There will be over 15 large wall murals from both local and international street artists including Danilo Halle (GE, featured from our Berlin Wall article), Mate2 (UK), Mauy (TH), Chhan Dina (KH) and Davido (KH). The winner of the 2019 KBach Arts Competition will be announced by the seasoned judge panel consisting of Chhim Sothy, Chhan Dina, Em Riem and Kosal Khiev.

The free entry event also advertises the following features:

– 100 unseen original KBach artworks by emerging Khmer artists
– 2018 Competition winner Hour Sobenn ហួរ សុបិន debut exhibition
– Sculpture Exhibition ការតាំងពិពរណ៍
– Break dancing battle with Tiny Toones Cambodia ការរាំ
– Free artisan workshops សិក្ខាសាលាល្ខោនស្រមោល
– Quality food, drinks and music

Sunday, 8 December, 12 – 10pm, Free Entry, The Factory, National Road 2

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