Retro Art, Funky Beats and Free Beer at SPACE FOUR ZERO this Weekend

Fed up of the paint-by-numbers art shops scattered around the city? Pick up a unique piece you’ll love forever, at a fraction of the price – and with a party thrown in, too.

space four zero

This Saturday and Sunday, SPACE FOUR ZERO is having a massive sale, with up to 30% off all framed prints. This includes work by the awesome Sticky Fingers Art Prints Cambodia, who have exhibited their prints all over the world, including shows in Europe, Australia, China, USA and all over Southeast Asia.

What’s more, you can pick up retro rock art prints and memorabilia, as well as classic vinyls and CDs, all with 10-30% off.

Let’s Make It a Party

Come for the discounts, stay for the craic! To liven up your shopping experience, the team are laying on FREE Kingdom beers… and DJ Bongalot is on hand to spin top tunes, too.

Why the Hurry?

SPACE FOUR ZERO is cutting prices for a very important reason: they need plenty of wall space for a very exciting upcoming exhibition. Two excellent international artists are lined up to be featured, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet: all will be announced soon.

Clearance Sale 10am-7pm, Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October @ SPACE FOUR ZERO, St 118 (one block back from Riverside).

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