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Penh House offers a Residence Package

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Penh House offers a Residence Package

Accomodation woes and COVID lows may be combated by an absolute bargain from one of the city’s boutique hotels.

‘Uncertainty’ is the buzzword of today, and as flights are cancelled and the unknown looms, we’re focusing on a generous hotel package just announced. Penh House & Jungle Addition (part of the Maads boutique hotel group) are offering the rate of $800 for a month stay at their hotel.


Included in the rate is a daily breakfast buffet (for two) and usage of their pool, gym and other facilities.


Reaction on social media to their deal initially seemed mixed, with some applauding the great value whilst others felt it was opportunistic capitalism – but with the hospitality industry so shook from COVID-19 issues, we welcome the move to keep their staff employed and the hotel running smoothly.

Following border closures and a dwindling number of flights out of the country, many tourists have been stranded in Phnom Penh. Further, many expatriates have chosen to return to their home countries whilst the pandemic grips the planet, leaving many people in shared accommodation with empty rooms and therefore higher rent contributions. As some opt to downsize to a place for one, perhaps moving into this slice of luxury could turn your move from saddening to an absolute delight.

Penh House & Jungle Addition Hottel, 34A Preah Ang Phanavong St. (240), Phnom Penh

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